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PostSubject: CARAVAN DETHLEFFS KOV VELYM   Fri May 13, 2016 11:19 am

Evidence and Informations about Peter Andel:
Company KOV, Dethleffs, Velim, Czech Republic:

Adresse Dethleffs KOV Velim, Herr Kolar, Czech Republic
1. KOV VELIM s.r.o.
Sokolská 615 
28101 Velim 
Hlavní město Praha - Czech Republic
777 787 764
321 763 558
History of company
hist3.jpg (18475 bytes)hist2.jpg (7650 bytes) KOV Velim was founded in the year 1929 by 
young foundryman named Oldrich Kolar. Company has about 30 employees in the beginning of the Second world war. At that time company consisted of the industrial and art foundry, machine and engineering shop.

LISTE DER BELEGSCHAFT KOV: List of the employer manufactory KOV:
KOV Velim

Karosárna a slévárna
Sokolská 615
281 01 Velim
Sídlo firmy KOV:
Slévárna Velim:
TRUMA - Dethleffs:
[url=tel:%2B420 321763558]+420 321763558[/url], [url=tel:%2B420 321763067]+420 321763067[/url], [url=tel:%2B420 321763337]+420 321763337[/url]
[url=tel:%2B420 321763287]+420 321763287[/url]
[url=tel:%2B420 321763558]+420 321763558[/url], [url=tel:%2B420 321763067]+420 321763067[/url], [url=tel:%2B420 321763337]+420 321763337[/url]
E-mailové adresy
KOV Velim
Vedení společnosti
ing. Jiří Kolář
Pavel Kolář
ing. Jiří Kolář ml.
Obchodní oddělení
ing. Petr Böhm
Zdenek Kropáček
ing. Tomáš Keil
Strojní Výroba
Jiří Kolín
Jindřich Kunc
Prodej karavanů Dethleffs
Peter Andel
Zdenek Šlais
Prodej a servis Truma
Josef Čech
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Fakturační adresy

ING. PETER ANDEL, Companies under my stepson in Slovakia:
He has to do with the Software Sale Spider.

Address: Ing. Peter Andel
Narodna 15
SK-97401 Banska Bystrica, Slovakia

BAKER TILLY, UK in Slovakia:
[Only admins are allowed to see this link]
[Only admins are allowed to see this link]

SlovenskySlovensky | EnglishEnglish
Vyhľadávanie podľa priezviska a mena fyzickej osoby 
( aj v historických záznamoch )
Priezvisko: Andel
Meno: Peter
Typ osoby: fyzická 
Súd: akýkoľvek Stránka: 1 / 1
Záznamy: 1 - 12 / 12
Dátum: 23.8.2015
Meno Obchodné meno subjektu Výpis Zbierka listín                              

I had three cars: 1 Camper, Dethleffs, I sold via Mr. Jürgen Ulrich in Konstanz, Germany. The camper was always by Dethleffs KOV in the service. I paied for that.

The caravan was in a bad situation, that  Mr. Ulrich got problems with the german police by a highway control. I saw the german MFK Motorfahrzeug Kontrolle report and this was just terribel. 
He had also difficults with the Gun. For this I gave after to the Swiss police in Sissach.

The other cars were 1 Range Rover and 1 BMW. Both older so that I can do any price.
NEUROL , is a medical for the sickness Alzheimer. My mother had Alzheimer, not I. 

This medical was ordered by a czech doctor in Prague for one week only. I got this medical 2004 till 2009. Very slovly and step by step you loose your memories and you are more and more worry. In 2007  I was not abel to go out or to talk with my guests. 

So in 2007 was not me which canceld the UBS power of attorney for Andel. A power of attorney never exist. Andel bothe this drug by the pharma in CZ- 28163 Kourim. The medical needed a Requires a doctor's prescription. The Adverse reactions are strong. I lost hair, I had yellow eyes, could not eat, had problems with my stomach, was in 2008 when I was alone in two hospitals. The Major of the village Zdanice helped me. My reactions have been like a cat, only survival. It was impossibel to work in a normal manner. 

My brain was not longer present and I lived in a imagine world without realizing what is going on. When Andel fled he was wellknowing my health stuff, my eyes were yellow and I had not more than 40kg.

I don`t have the name of the doctor in Prague, had the wohle address list, but all remaind in Zürich-Sihl. To find some evidence in the Czech Republic would be difficult. The drug shop is the following:

Copied address:

Lékárna U Černého orla
Mírové náměstí 116, 28161 Kouřim, Czech Republic


Dated, 08.07.2015


Stephen Palmer, Folkestone
Handy: [url=tel 7502 482 305]0044 7502 482 305[/url]
Mr. Palmer helped me.

Police Kent: 0044 01 622 690 690

Folkestone Storage
104, Foord Road
CT-195 AB
Phone: [url=tel 013 03850630]0044 013 03850630[/url]
Daniel Mallett

My girlfriend Nike Haefeli
[url=tel 1234742910]0044 1234742910[/url]

Folkestone Computers
24 Bouverie Road West
Phone: 0044 0 1303 2466 66

Piers Westerman
Phone: [url=tel 0 7788 102174]0044 0 7788 102174[/url]
He helped me.

Lawyer Dominic Benthall, London
Phone: 0044 20 787 2249 673

Czech Republic

Josef Krupicka
Bürgermeister/Major of the village Zdanice, CZ- 28163 Zdanice/Kreis Kolin, Czech Republic
[Only admins are allowed to see this link]
Phone: [url=tel 0 321 621 673]0042 0 321 621 673[/url]

Herr und Frau Sima, CZ- 28163 Kourim
Phone: [url=tel 0 321 783 068]0042 0 321 783 068[/url]

Renata Dandova, Tousice 101, Handy: [url=tel 0 602 456 612]0042 0 602 456 612[/url]
Cleaning woman

Dr. Hudec, Praque, 0042 0 222 72 7682

Radek Lienhard, CZ-28163 Kourim
IT Spezialist und Computer Firma
Phone: [url=tel 0 321 783 068]0042 0 321 783 068[/url], Handy: [url=tel 0 603 415 115]0042 0 603 415 115[/url]
He works together with Andel and Baker Pierre Manhart, Schweizer, Schlüsselservice Schweiz, Key Service
Phone: [url=tel 0 311 653 322]0042 0 311 653 322[/url], Handy [url=tel 0 603 524 555]0042 0 603 524 555[/url]
[Only admins are allowed to see this link]

Karel Chmelik, 1. Buchhalter der Firma Tscheslo s.r.o. gab ab als er sah was läuft.
First accountant of the company Tscheslo in 1999. When he saw what is going on he canceld the agreement as accountant.
Phone: 0042 0 327 51 69 17, Handy 0042 072 40 74 664

Peter Chmelik, his brother. [url=tel 0 321 761 400]0042 0 321 761 400[/url]
Mrs. Vinklarek, Kourim, [url=tel 0 321 783 090]0042 0 321 783 090[/url], a woman which helped me

Motorradhaus Geng, Martin Geng, german which helped me
Phone: [url=tel 7763 1777]0049 7763 1777[/url],

Thierry Lerbour, Luxembourg, Bodyguard. 09.01.2009, for 2 weeks.
He found a controlling chip under the SIM card from my german handy.
Also as witness: The T-Online Shop in Rosenheim, Germany

Andrej Nehmet, CZ- 28401 Kutna Hora
[Only admins are allowed to see this link]
Phone: [url=tel 0 607 102 469]0042 0 607 102 469[/url]
A friend of mine

Karel Kobliha, U Lip 651 Praha 5- Lipence
Halfbrother of my adopted son Marek Andel
Handy: [url=tel 0 737 255 227]0042 0 737 255 227[/url]

Impact-Corti s.r.o.
Jürg Zwahlen, Switzerland, UBS Client, he helped me to register the amount which the company owns me.

Jankotcova 2c
CZ-17000 Praha 7
Phone: [url=tel 0 221 511 160]0042 0 221 511 160[/url]
[Only admins are allowed to see this link]

Herr Lonsky, ehemaliger Hausbesitzer und immer noch Eigentümer der Wegrechte.
Handy: 0042 0 603 963. Ich weiss nicht ob Hr. Lonsky noch lebt.

Police Kourim, Czech Republic: Tel. [url=tel 0 321 783 500]0042 0 321 783 500[/url]
EW Kolin: Tel. [url=tel 0 840 850 860]0042 0 840 850 860[/url]


2008 T-Online Shop Rosenheim, Deutschland

Dresdner Bank AG Commerzbank AG
Hr. Christian Strock
Baslerstrasse 163
D- 79539 Lörrach
Tel. 0049 7621 40 90
Herr Strock kennt mich seit 1985. Er ist involviert im Fall Bank UBS.
Daueraufträge 2006-2008

Dr. med. Klaus Martin, Laufenburg, Deutschland
02.07.2009 Definitive Absetzung von Neurol
Phone: [url=tel 7763 7780]0049 7763 7780[/url]
Hauptstrasse 34, D-79725 Laufenburg

Dr. Helga Streibl
Münchnerstrasse 56A
D- 83607 Holzkirchen
Tel. [url=tel 8024 6088 755]0049 8024 6088 755[/url]

D. Moosmann, Avernet Freiburg, Makler
Handy [url=tel 173 46 071 92]0049 173 46 071 92[/url]

Schreiben von Jürgen Ulrich, Konstanz, 12.05.2010
an Sparkasse Hochrhein, Deutschland, ausgehend von Tschechien.

Muster IT GmbH
Basler Strasse 61
D-79713 Bad Säckingen
[Only admins are allowed to see this link]
Phone: 0049 7761 939889-0
Rechnung Nummer 36367 vom 2009

Taxizentrale Unterberger, München, Phone: [url=tel 8061 1660]0049 8061 1660[/url]
Fahrer Jonuz: Handy [url=tel 160 745 78 14]0049 160 745 78 14[/url]

Jürgen Ulrich, Fritz Arnoldstrasse 11
D- 78467 Konstanz
Phone: [url=tel 075 31 369 80 88]0049 075 31 369 80 88[/url]

Carina Wunderlin, Langmattstrasse 44
D- 75730 Murg
Phone: [url=tel 7763 3076]0049 7763 3076[/url]

Bernd Gallasch Schafackerstrasse 51
D- 79576 Weil am Rhein
Handy: [url=tel 7621 16 37 77]0049 7621 16 37 77[/url]
Herr Galesch half mir viel. Vorallem aber fuhr er mich im Herbst 2013 nach Nürnberg, da ich versuchte auf das Schweizer Konsulat in Wien zu kommen.

Bernadette Pfaff, Rickenbach, Deutschland
Handy: [url=tel 171 750 7541]0049 171 750 7541[/url]

Peter Andel hat in Deutschland Schulden.
Die Akten liegen bei der Staatsanwaltschaft Bad-Säckingen.
Die gesamte Korrespondenz zwischen der Sparkasse Hochrein und mir liegt vor.
Fehrenbach und Kollegen, Klaus Stiegeler, Rechtsanwalt, Friedrichstrasse 4,
D- 79761 Waldshut-Tiengen
Tel. [url=tel 7751 8309-0]0049 7751 8309-0[/url]

Peter Andel owns in Germany Euros 40 000,00
The case is by the german prosecutor.


Schmerzklink Rheinfelden, Rheumatologie
Der Arzt kennt mich seit 1999. Letzter Besuch im 2009

IT Firma in Sissach. Die Firma reparierte meinen Laptom.
Die Tel. und Namen habe ich nicht mehr. Die werden sich jedoch sicher an mich erinnern.

Walter Schuholzer
Weihemattring 6
CH- 5200 Brugg

Handy: [url=tel 778 81 94]079 778 81 94[/url]

Mr. Schuholzer, German, works in Switzerland. He told me that a person search me, he got a call from a man. He spoke a bad german. Was not Swiss but I think english. The contact to Mr. Schuholzer is only by Skype.

Herr Schuholzer erhielt einen Anruf einer unbekannten männlichen Person mit einem ausländischen Akzent der nach mir fragte. Wie beschrieben, hatten wir nur Kontakt über Skype. Keine telefonischen Kontakte.

Heinz Nydegger
Schalbergstrasse 105
4153 Reinach
Handy: [url=tel 322 44 17]079 322 44 17[/url]
Mr. Nydegger, a friend of mine, his network had always problems and was infected with 200 Trojans and more.

Basler Kantonalbank
Alejandro Hirter
Im Singeisenhof 9
4125 Riehen
Tel: [url=tel 266 27 44]061 266 27 44[/url]

 Ch. Andel
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