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PostSubject: UBS   Mon Mar 27, 2017 9:36 pm

Hornussen, 24.02.2016

I it is not for understanding why I got in 2008 a empty access card. Unfortunately I lost the card but I have two witness, they saw the card.
1. Stefan Baumann, Höhenweg 10, 5103 Möriken
2. Heinz Fischer, Schulthess-Alle 5, 5200 Brugg
As written, I got the access card reader and PIN when I was not in the Czech Republic. I was in the Hotel Specht in Basel and I was by my old dentist, Dr. med. dent. Jan Zaborsky, Clarastrasse in Basel. I was in a very bad condition, so I had to go like emergency to the Basler Kantonsspital. They have my patient records. Also I was by the Einwohneramt Kanton Basel-Stadt, Spiegelgasse 6, 4001 Basel with the post address from my uncle and aunt in the Vogesenstrasse 78, 4056 Basel. My uncle is a old man and he did not want my name on his Post Box. Was trying to get a phone by the Swisscom, but I was not abel to understand how to do and how much have to pay etc. Until today have a open bill by the Swisscom and I cannot get a fix number or a agreement. The house in Germany was not sold and I could not do any decission. I could not pay the credit and the Sparkasse Hochrhein was willing to put me out. Evidence attached: the lawyer`s letter Rechtsanwalt K. Stiegeler, dated 15.09.2011 and the copy of a value changement from Euros to Swiss Francs, signed also from Peter Andel.
My sickness was visibel, had only 40kg, yellow eyes and was looking like 90 years old. Hirter was wellknowing what is going on.
The German Taxi driver Jonuz, Taxizentrale Unterberger, München picked me up at the Hotel Specht in Basel. Till end of october 2008 was in Rosenheim and Switzerland. The german Arthrose Zentrum Rosenheim helped me, because I was willing to do asuicide and of course Dr. Jochen Knies. I was back in the Czech Republic the first week in november 2008. First at the Hotel Möwenpick, Prague. I was afraid. Attached as evidence you have the bill of the Company Lager Spedition Josef Kabel, Bad Aibling. The bill was sended to the Parkhotel am Rhein, 2310 Rheinfelden, dated 29.10.2008
2009 I left the Czech Republic again, because I got visit from the Social office to pay for Marek and I got visit from the czech financiel office. In this time I was by two lawyers. One for my divorce, and one for the company. Rödl and Partner is wellknown. I had to do with them in Prague and in Nürnberg. But without knowless what is happen and a empty brain, any memory I could not do a divorce and I could not do a complaint against the company Tscheslo s.r.o. Peter Andel. The Taxi driver Jonuz brought me back to Germany with my animals, the UBS statements and the company accounting.
In may 2009 I set up the drug, had a black out and problems with the Sparkasse Hochrhein. As evidence you get one of the bill`s from Dr. Marti Laufenburg, Germany. Also in 2009 had a german woman, she was willing to rent or to buy the german house. I left germany in july 2009 and was till april 2010 in Sissach, Basel-Landschaft.
I got connection to the German Jürgen Ulrich, Konstanz, Germany and we open the Camping Hotel after a lot of problems end of april 2010. No electricity, no water no heathing. Evidence letter Ulrich to the Sparkasse Hochrhein attached.
The attached UBS letter, Hans Peter Farner and Dieter Bachmann shows the following mistakes:
The letter to Mr. Oswald Grübel I wrote in 2008 latest 2009. the 15th may 2010 had any possibility to write letters. Mr. Ulrich is my witness and on the witness list.
A lot of problems do me this: Die Verbindung konnte Mitte September noch nicht inaktiv sein, weil der von Ihnen nachgefragte Kontoübertrag von Euros 7`625.25 erst per 24. September 2008 erfolgte:
Requested from whome, I say Peter Andel. Evidence: The Bill from Bad Aibling, Germany, I was end of october in Switzerland, Parkhotel Rheinfelden. Why this Portfolio from Liestal was still in Liestal and not in Zürich? Why Hirter did not tell me about this account. In september 2008 he was still working for UBS. Why the Portfolio statements did not arrived in the Czech Republic? Who finally had the power of attorney on this Portfolio?
A good game between Hirter and Andel.

Letter UBS, Hans Peter Farner, Dieter Bachmann, dated 16.01.2014, Text in German: Am 13. Juli 2006 wurde die Karte (Kreditkarte Andel) wieder gekündet. In english: UBS letter, dated 16.01.2014 that Andel`s credit card has been canceld. Not possibel, had no car to go to the post office, was in the Czech Republic alone and had any contact to the Bank UBS. Andel would not accept a terminated credit card. Attached a UBS account statement with a credit card payment 12.07.2006 and 28.07.2006. I really have not the nerves anymore to read such unobjective and Incompetent UBS correspondence.

In 2009 the Swiss Taxi driver Rene Kolasky, Sissach, Basel-Landschaft helped me. I could not eat, I lost often my consciousness, I was tired, had my dogs and could not go out with them. Mr. Kolasky bothe food, he cooked and this at 4pm. He worked in the night.
Letter to Commerzbank AG, UBS AG, Sparkasse Hochrhein, dated 22.08.2011
The 04. march 2009 had under my yahoo account an email contact to Mrs. Monika Schnyder. As copy I see some UBS accountants and under these names Mrs. Zdenka Vlckova. Bothe woman were czech sitizen. Mrs. Schnyder was the first one, which told me that I have any cash money and we talked about the termination of the UBS mandat. Attached the email copy.
Until today, nobody understand, that I got a drug and I slowly lost my memories. The persons which were knowing about my situation was Andel and Hirter. The email from march 2009 shows what means to be a good consulter. Hirter was too much in the Czech Republic for Acquisition. First of all means this, that my Portfolio was not closed as written from the Bank UBS AG.

Finally I did a transfer with my last money to the Bank Coop in 2011. It is not possibel, that I write in 2008 letters directly to Beat Röthlisberger, Oswald Grübel and one letter without a recever, only to the Bank and I have such problems.
Attached you find to Bank account statements from Basel. The UBS wrote that we were in october 2002 in Basel to complete the address in the Czech Republic, this was the meeting with Hirter, Andel and me. I saw now, that the address was by UBS wellknowing and they had anything to complet. Attached 2 UBS account statements.
233-14143986.0, dated 31.01.2002 CHF 55`035.45, 4002 Basel. 233-14143986.0, dated 01.01.2002 CHF 35`547.10, 4002 Basel. In both accounts how much had Andel and how much had I.

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